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Merxus Local Bakersfield Directory


PremierLM (Premier License Management System)

  PremierLM is an easy-to-use and flexible licensing system that offers protection from software piracy.
  The goal of PRS is two-fold. The system automates the process of generating state and MMS monthly reports while also maintaining a comprehensive oil and gas production database.
CADACS (Computer Aided DAta  Collection System)

  CADACS gives an unparalleled degree of flexibility in being able to create, modify, and maintain handheld computer applications. Compatible with  Windows CE based handheld computers.
WORKS (WorkOver RecordKeeping System)

  WORKS eliminates paper and features exclusive capabilities for invoices to be created, approved and processed electronically.
SMATS (Surface Maintenance Tracking System)

  Designed to replace the standard written work ticket, SMATS allows for the automated tracking of jobs, personnel, materials, and equipment in the field using a notebook computer.